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BUILD THE COMMUNITY:  The Ingentium Magazine attracts people and institutions who are interested and sympathetic to the mission of your Foundation.   This increased interest and focus can help to increase the community participants for a Foundation with its up to date and relevant information.

INCREASE THE SPHERE OF INFLUENCE:  As the community grows so does the  patient, community and donor base.  This growth will also help in recruiting for both clinical trials and other research programs.

PROMOTE YOUR KEY OPINION LEADERS:  The Key Opinion Leaders in your community will have a platform to present innovation and best practices directly to the community thereby providing the community with the latest focused information.

PROVIDE THE COMMUNITY WITH THE LATEST FOCUSED INFORMATION:  Ingentium can add more up to date information on the disease to enhance their web presence or to build custom portal.

INFLUENCE THE DISEASE NARRATVE: b With an expanded community base, a strong set of key opinion leaders and a sound financial base, the Foundation will influence the disease awareness, treatment and public perception.