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Physicians & Ingentium

Physicians & Ingentium

STAY UP TO DATE:  Ingentium Magazines provide the most up to date news on each disease, its treatments and clinical trials that will help the busy physician stay abreast of the latest developments and trends.  These can help manage the onslaught of information.

INTERACT WITH YOUR PATIENTS:  Ingentium  Magazines help by allowing both the physician and patient see the latest information and discuss how it relates to the patient.  The patient can be directed to a Magazine of interest  to increase their understanding and participation in the disease management.

INCREASE YOUR VISIBILITY:  Ingentium Magazines provides a forum for the physician to interact with the healthcare community and increase your impact as an opinion leader.  It could also be used to identify experts for consultation in your community.   Better awareness of the latest disease news will allow your to participate more directly with Evidence based Medicine and Precision Medicine initiatives with Pharma and government sponsored programs

EXPOLRE TREATMENT OPTIONS:  Ingentium Magazines can identify treatment options that could help difficult patients in your practice.  This includes searching across the Ingentium disease areas for novel approaches.  The Magazines can also increase interaction with pharmaceutical companies allowing physicians to be more aware of clinical trials to suggest candidates.