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Rudy Potenzone

Rudy Potenzone

Chief Operating Officer

Rudy Potenzone, PhD has spent over 30 years delivering novel and integrated solutions to life science, biological, and chemical industries. Recent positions VP Marketing at the i2b2 tranSMART Foundation; at PerkinElmer as the VP of Product Strategy (Informatics); at Microsoft as worldwide pharma industry technology strategist; at MDL as VP of R&D;  and president of Lion Biosciences US.


Previously, at the CAS Division of the American Chemical Society, he led the team that developed ScienceFinder.

The CSA Trust recognized Dr Potenzone with the Mike Lynch Award for substantial contributions to cheminformatics and scientific informatics, which was presented at the 11th International Conference on Chemical Structures (Mike Lynch Award 2018) held in the Netherlands in May 2018.